Making a basic web page

  1. Create a folder on your Z drive named YOURNAMEWEBSITE to hold all the files for your website
  2. Find a picture online that represents what you think can be learned in this class and save it into your folder. (right click the picture and choose to save it to your Z drive in your website folder)
  3. Start Dreamweaver
  4. manage siteFrom the Site menu choose Manage > Site > click NEW and then choose Site. Follow the directions to the right right
    1. name the site
    2. no server technology
    3. choose edit locally and browse to find the folder on your Z drive
    4. connect to remote server :None
    5. Done
    6. Done
  5. From the File menu choose NEW and create a new HTML file.
  6. Save this new file as index.html (standard name for a home page) in your website folder on your Z drive.
  7. On the page type:
    1. Your name on the first line. Press Enter (this creates an end of paragraph mark or double space)
    2. Class on the second line. Hold down Shift and press Enter (this creates a line break or single space)
    3. Date on the third line. Press Enter
    4. Drag your picture from the Files area onto the page below the words.
    5. Type a paragraph describing this course. Press Enter.
    6. Below the paragraph create a numbered list by turning on the numbering in the properties panel at the bottom of the screen:
    7. Type in the topics presented in this course as listed below. These will be turned into links later.
      cs1 topics
  8. Using the properties panel
    1. Make you name the heading 1 format
    2. Make the class and date heading 3 formats
    3. Center the headings and the picture
    4. Change the font or style of something on your page