Web Page Design

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manage siteFIRST, from the Site menu choose Manage > Site > click NEW and then choose Site. Follow the directions to the right right

  1. Enter text. Pressing ENTER marks the end of a paragraph with a double space and SHIFT-ENTER moves down a single line. Use the properties panel at the bottom of the screen to change font, style, format, size, alignment, etc.
  2. Add pictures, just drag them in from the File panel on the right onto your web page. Aligning to the left or right will cause other items on the page to wrap around your image.
  3. Create a list. It can be unordered or ordered and choose the bullets or type of numbering from the List item button.Use the indent and outdent buttons to move items left or right.
  4. Page properties and backgrounds
  5. Create links
  6. Table layouts