Properties of tables

A table is created by specifying how many rows and columns it will have.
From the Insert menu choose Table

You can also specify the width. If you do not give a width it will stay as small as it possibly can to fit the things you put inside it. If you do specify width you can specify a fixed number of pixels or a percent.

The border can be a single line if you set it = 1. Or invisible if = 0. Or thick like a picture frame if = 3 or more

This table is 100% width of the page, border = 1, cell padding = 10 , cell spacing = 0

cell padding leaves room around the words    
    the table cells

The table below is 50% the width of the page, border = 4, has no cell padding but has cell spacing = 10, aligned right.

spacing is between
cells but without padding the words are right
against the edges of each cell

Tables can be aligned to the left, center or right. When you align a table with a width < 100% to the left or right, the other things on the page will wrap around the table.

Change the size of the page to see the tables change size


Here is a table 400 pixels wide, border = 0 . It looks just like tab settings because the borders are invisible.

i can see the border when designing
but not when the page  

The table below demonstrates all the ways you can align the contents of each cell.

this is the default alignment

vert = top,

horiz = right

vert = bottom,

horiz = center

vert = middle

horiz = center

vert = bottom

horiz = left

what is this

The table above has alignment that is centered, 50% width of the page, cell padding = 5, cell spacing = 5