Fireworks auto shapes

  1. From the Window menu choose Auto Shapes to diplay the panel on the right.
  2. Click and drag to put these auto shapes on the canvas:
    1. clock
      • move the hands on the clock to say 9:30. Use the resize tool to make it 120 wide X 120 tall.
    2. talking
      • move the yellow handles to move the callout part around.
      • add a text box over top and type It's 9:30 in the box.
    3. cylinder
      • fill with gradient fill, red, satin
    4. perspective
      • resize the perspective autoshape below the clock and talking.
      • Draw an ordinary purple rectangle over top
      • Use the distort tool to overlay the rectangle onto the perspective lines.
    (you do not need to create the words for the directions)
  3. Save as YourName AutoShapes on Z:
  4. Show on the screen or add your name and print.