Creating attractive text in Fireworks

Step 1
text toolUse the text tool to type some text on your canvas. Make sure that you use a font which is thick and the font size should not be very small as the effect cannot be clearly visible.The font used in this tutorial is Forte Size - 75 and Color - #620000.

Step 2
Select the text and click on Filters>Eye Candy 4000 LE>Bevel Boss... Click OK to allow the program to convert the words into a bitmap.

Step 3
Next, the Bevel Boss window is displayed. Click on the Lighting tab. Try changing the Direction and Inclination values of the lighting effect. You can do this by moving the white spot on the circle within its radius. The Highlight Brightness and Highlight Size values can also be altered.

Step 4
The Highlight and Shadow Colors depend on the Font color or however you like the text to be visualized. I have continued with the default settings White and Black colors as seen in the above properties. As you make these changes to the text, it will be immediately reflected in the Preview screen on the right.

Step 5
Click on the Bevel Profile tab and select the option Carve.