Adjusting Colors in Fireworks

  1. Select the entire picture or an area with the lasso tool.
  2. From the Filters menu choose Adjust Color.
  3. The auto levels will normalize a picture to have a standard variation of light and dark
  4. Brightness/Contrast will let you change one or both.
    brighness contrast
  5. Curves allows you to change the amount of red, green or blue for dark or light areas using a chart like this:
  6. Hue/Saturation allows you to increase or decrease the hue (change colors), saturation (intensity of colors) and/or lightness.
    hue saturation
  7. Invert will flip colors to what is on the opposite side of the color wheel
    inverted pizza
  8. Levels lets you individually choose the amount of Red, green and blue
  9. If you don't want to change an entire picture but just an area, use the lasso to select the area and from the Filters menu > adjust color > to make it a darker or lighter or different shade