Creating hotspots and slices.

Web site use links to connect pages. You can choose sections of an image to turn into links. These are hotspots.

There are 3 tools in Fireworks for creating hotspots in the Web section of the toolbar web tools

These are the rectangle, circle and polygon hotspot tools.

You draw hotspots in much the same way as you draw regular shapes. The shapes are visible while you are in Fireworks but they will be invisible when you turn you picture into a web page.

demo page The image on the left has 6 rectangular hotspots over it.

You can show and hide the hotspots with the hide and show buttons. show and hide


The polygon hotspot is the trickiest to draw. Just click on each point around the polygon until you reach the beginning again.

You can easily edit hotspots after they are drawn.

The options for hotspots show up in the properties inspector.

The link property tells where the link will go

You should always fill in the ATL property with a short description of the link for blind Internet users and to allow a quick description to pop up when the mouse is over the spot.

Target = _blank means open a new page, _self means open the new page in the same window.

When the image is ready, use the quick export button

Choose Preview in Browser, the choose Preview in primary browser.

* the quick way is to press F12

To create a complete web page: from the File menu choose Export. Type the page name in the file name box (home pages are named index.html) Choose the folder to save in. Save as HTML and images. Check the box to put images in a subfolder. Click SAVE.