Interactivity makes web pages interesting. Fireworks and Dreamweaver let you create 2 kinds of rollovers:

Design your artwork in Fireworks.
Put the pages together in Dreamweaver.

The simplest interactivity is a rollover image: rollover demo

ASSIGNMENT: To create a rollover image on your page.

  1. Create 2 small, customized images in fireworks that are the same size (about 200X100 like the picture above is fine). Export both as either gif or jpegs, whichever is better quality and more efficient to your folder on your Z: drive.
  2. In Dreamweaver, open your web page. From the Insert menu choose Image objects, Rollover image. Use the Browse buttons to choose one picture as picture one, and the other as picture 2. Be sure to fill in an alt tag.
  3. Save your page.
  4. Press F12 to test it.