Using ActionScript in external files in Flash

  1. Copy P:/Flash/movement to Z:
  2. Press Control-Enter. Does anything happen? Is there any actionscript in this movie?
  3. Drag more snowflakes into the scene from the library
  4. Give each snowflake a unique name in the properties panel
  5. Press Control-Enter. Is anything different?
  6. Create a movie clip of a person walking towards the left (they should face left and walk in place) and drag it onto the stage.
  7. Create a movie clip named snowball that is just a still picture of a snowball.
  8. Right click the snowball movie clip in the library and choose linkage, the click the Export for actionscript check box and fill in the identifier and AS 2 class as shown:
  9. Run the movie, what happens?
  10. Here is the actionscript used: