Using buttons to control the flow of a movie

  1. Since Flash automatically loops through all the scenes in a movie in order, you must add actionscript commands to stop a scene, wait for a button click, and then choose which scene to go to.
  2. All buttons and controls should go in the TOP layer of a scene's timeline.
  3. Click in the last frame of the scene's timeline
  4. Type stop(); in the actionscript window
  5. An alpha symbol will appear in the timeline indicating there is actionscript here.

6. Put a button in the last frame of the top layer.

on (release) {

gotoandPlay("Scene 2",1); }

7. Select the button and type the following into the actionscript panel:
This means "When the button is released, go to scene 2 frame 1 and play the movie.

8. Add as many different buttons as you want to go to any scene you want, but be sure to give each one a unique name down in the properties inspector.