Controlling Movie Clips

Guidelines to creating successful scripts:

For example:

To create a spinner with a spinning arrow

1. Create the arrow as a Symbol (Graphic)

2. Make the movie clip MCspinner that moves the arrow

<- this is a MCspinner

The buttons to control the movement are circle buttons. Since they are both created from the same button Symbol they MUST be named when they are placed on stage.

red is an instance of btnCircle with the tint set to red.

green is an instance of btnCircle with green tint.

the machine is made up of 2 MCspinners named Lspinner and Rspinner

There are 4 motions happening: the 2 spinners, the bumping of the machine and the motion of the machine around the room.

Using target path

the ActionScript for the red button to stop all the motion: the bumping of the machine and the spinners, is:

on(release) {
this.machine.Rspinner.stop(); }

If you have a simpler movie with just 2 movie clips, and have named them in the properties inspector to be named red and blue, then you can control them with commands like:

If you have a more complex arrangement like spinners on a machine in a movie in a scene, you will need to be more specific.