Using built-in Flash UI components to create forms

  1. Display the Components window
  2. Drag components onto the stage
  3. Name the components in the Properties Inspector.

the form components

  1. Double click the Labels property to change the words that appear in or on the component. Combo and List boxes need to have both labels and data values set.
  2. Create your ActionScript functions that determine what will happen when the form elements are clicked.
  3. Make the Change Handler property of each component say the name of the function you are using to respond to it. (see below)

Here's an example:

Elements on the form:

  • 5 check boxes
  • 1 combo box
  • 2 static text areas
  • 1 dynamic text area
  • 1 push button

The ActionScript

  • each time a check box is checked, add one to the count
  • each time a check box is unchecked, subtract one from the count
  • when the push button is clicked:
    • if count = 5 and you picked Macromedia then dynamic text says "you got it"
    • otherwise it says "not yet"

Click here for an explanation of the code used.