Imported Images

  1. Start a new movie
  2. Import the picture
  3. If you want to be able to use flash tools on the imported image:

Importing from another Flash movie

  1. From the File menu, choose Import, Open External Library.
  2. The library from the other movie appears in the Panel set on the right and you can drag anything from that movie's library into your movie.

Using an image to fill a shape:

  1. move the image off beside the side of the stage, out of the way
  2. draw a filled shape on stage
  3. click on the bitmap image with the eyedropper tool (notice the paintbrush appears with the cursor)
  4. click into the filled shape to fill it with the bitmap image
  5. select the fill transform tool to move, skew and resize the fill image

Bitmap pictures take up a huge amount of storage, when possible you may want to change bitmap images to vector

  1. create a new file
  2. import your picture
  3. copy and paste the image so you have 2 side by side.
  4. modify > trace bitmap
  5. modify > trace bitmap
  6. notice how you can now select areas of the picture to move, recolor, resize and reshape etc.