Basic directions

  1. Start with a scene with an interesting background layer.
  2. Create a new blank layer over top of your background.
  3. Draw (preferably in black) the mask on the new top layer (the mask should be everything you want to see on the layer below)
  4. Right click on the new layer and select mask
  5. You can add motion to the mask for an interesting effect


  1. Create a new movie
  2. Modify > Document
  3. Import a picture to put in the background. File > Import > to stage
  4. Name layer 1 bgPicture
  5. Insert a new layer above the bgPicture layer
  6. Insert a text box with a word (like PARIS in the example) in Impact font size 96
  7. To make text even larger:
  8. Move it to an interesting place on stage
  9. R click layer 2 and choose mask (the layers will lock, unlock to move an relock to see results)

Animate the mask

  1. Select the BGPicture layer frame 40 add frames (F5)
  2. Leave BGPicture layer locked, unlock mask layer
  3. Add a keyframe to frame 40 of the mask layer (F6)
  4. Select frame 1 of mask layer
  5. Move words off left side of stage
  6. Select frame 40 of mask layer
  7. Move words to right of stage
  8. ( The Mask only appears when mask layer is locked)
  9. Enter to preview

delete the mask layer and try a different mask.