Distribute to layers

Select all objects you would like to separate onto different layers. Elements that touch on the original layer will be moved together onto a new layer. The original layer will be left empty at the top of the timeline.

  1. Draw your picture with space between elements to be separated.
  2. Ctrl-A to select all
  3. Right click on the image and select Distribute to Layers
  4. The top layer will be empty.
  5. Name the layers.

A single object can be cut and pasted from one layer to another.

  1. Select the object.
  2. Cut.
  3. Click on a different layer and choose Edit > paste in Place to put in back in exactly the same location on a different layer. (insert a blank keyframe on the new layer if there isn't one there already)
Moving things from one layer to another

A keyframe can be dragged from one layer to another. Just click once, then click again and drag. Everything on stage at that frame will be moved to the new layer.

Distribute to Layers using symbols
  1. With a new movie opened, create a circle on the stage.
  2. With the circle selected, convert it to a symbol (Insert > New Symbol OR [F8]).
  3. Name it head. Click OK
  4. Now create a square on the stage.
  5. With the square selected, convert it to a symbol. Name it body. Click OK.
  6. Now create a triangle on the stage.
  7. With the triangle selected, convert it to a symbol. Name it hat. Click OK.
  8. Use the Arrow tool to draw a selection around all 3 instances of symbols on the stage or. (Note: you can also choose Edit > Select All or or [Ctrl+A] keys) to select everything on the stage.
  9. With all 3 instances selected on the stage, choose Modify > Distribute to Layers OR right click and choose Distribute to Layers.
  10. Look at the layers, you will now see a head, a body, and a hat layer. Flash distributes the selected items into layers and names each layer appropriately. The Layer 1 layer is now blank so that can be deleted if you're not going to use it.

Another thing you can do is distribute text to layers.