A movie clip is a type of symbol

It's a mini-movie that can create the effect of animation within animation. You can move the arms and legs of a figure while it runs, you can make a star or a flame shimmer while it appears on stage.

See how the flames flicker?

See how the wizard moves his arms and legs as he walks?

See how bad an artist I can be? I'm sure you can do better!

  1. Insert > symbol
  2. Choose movie
  3. Create an ordinary animation with layers and motion and keyframes in the timeline
  4. Go back to the scene and select any keyframe on the timeline and drag the movie from the library (ctrl-L) to the stage at that point in time. as long as that frame is visible, the movie will continue to play in the space given to it.
  5. You can create a motion tween with the movie clip the same way you would with any grouped object.

You must press Ctrl-ENTER to test a movie with a movie clip in it. ENTER alone will run the motion and shape tweens, but not the movie clips.