Copy wordInput to your drive.

  1. Become familiar with the program
  2. in the intro scene
  3. in scene 1
  4. in scene 2
  5. in the final scene

Make it work:

  1. in the intro scene
  2. in scene 1
  3. in scene 2
    1. add an input text box over top of the colored rectangle
    2. name the input text box planet
    3. add a dynamic text box at the bottom of the stage call it reply
    4. drag a button on stage from the library
    5. add code to the button that says:
      when the button is released:
      if(planet.text == "Mercury") // the correct answer
      play the final scene
      else{ // the wrong answer
      set planet.text =""; // blank out the answer box
      _global.numtries++; // increment the number of tries
      set the dynamic text box called reply to say "Try again"
  4. in the final scene