For the second exercise you will create an entire website (well, a small one)


You will create a home page with an outlined list that links to other pages.
You will upload a total of 6 pages plus pictures to the Internet..
This means you already have made 3 web pages, you will now create an additional 3 pages and link them all together.

Your outline should look like this: (create a home page, index.html, with the outline at the left on it)

1. My first web pages
       a. first page
       b. page with structure tags
       c. dog page (mypage.htm)

1a. this links to your firstpage.htm
1b. is the secondpage.htm which includes structure tags
1c. is the page with the animated gif and the poem mypage.htm

2. Pictures I have collected
       a. gifs
       b. jpegs

create a new page with at least 2 gif pictures on it and a title (gif.htm)
create a new page with at least 2 jpg pictures on it and a title (jpg.htm)

What to do:

  1. Go to the internet and find at least 2 gifs and 2 jpgs that have some relevance to a webpage you might consider making.. DOCUMENT WHERE YOU FOUND YOUR PICTURES. Save the pictures into your website folder.
  2. Create 2 web pages with colored backgrounds and a heading. Each page should display at least 2 pictures with information about where you found them. Call these pages gif.htm and jpg.htm
  3. Create a new web page called index.html that has your outline (see the overview above) and links to all the pages in your site.Your index page will link to:
           The 3 pages created in HTML exercise 1,
           2 pages of pictures gathered from the Internet
  4. Test all your pages.Prefereably, upload them to a website.
    CHECK your pages and all of your links after you upload them!