Examples of some less obvious mistakes


you have to scroll to see find the search box -- which is a bad thing to do if you're using search boxes.

Another issue is that the page looks terrible at a resolution of 1024 x 768 because the text is too small. This is especially painful on the BonusPartners page that I accidentally discovered.

I was also put off by the fact that the only home button is on the navigation bar at the top -- and it is, of course, in small type. I suspect everyone's first inclination is to click on the Giant card in the upper-left corner.

The page has issues for the color-blind. I ran it through the Colorblind web page filter -- a tool you should all be using -- and it seemed to me many of the links were hard to notice because you couldn't tell until you moused over them that they were links. For example, the phrase "Your favorite groceries delivered right to your home" should be a link because it's red/brown italic. It isn't. They also over-rely on "click here" messages to identify links.