cmst 385 summer 2003 here is our class.

The bad page has:

  1. really bad colors
    • poorly labeled links that make no sense
    • and even bad links that don't go anywhere.
  2. the picture is huge,and distorted.
    • the quality of it so poor that it is useless...
    • click on it to see its actual size
    • you can't tell it's a link
  3. The fonts are inconsistent,
    • but there is no contrast of headings or bold to break it up.
    • the sentence sturuture is rambling and the spelling hasn't even bin checked.
  4. It also offers no real information whatsoever except the fact that it is a really really bad web page
    • Also the design of the page is completely top down with nothing at all to break it up
    • There was also unnecessary white space at the top of the page for no good reason at all.
  5. It uses a table that accomplishes nothing at all.

(this page isn't much better!)