A Simple HTML web page

Some simple tags and symbols:
<b> bold </b>
<i> italic </i>
<center> centers all text </center>
<hr> horizontal rule puts a line across the page (this is a one sided tag, no closing tag)
<br> break, end of line.  If you do not put in a break the lines will all flow together.
&#169; copyright symbol

Can you create this web page? (no, not including the box around the outside edge)

Welcome to my "brand new" web page. 

We have lots to offer:

your name  2003

DIRECTIONS: (for Windows)

1. From the Start button choose PROGRAMS, then ACCESSORIES and then NOTEPAD
    type in your text, tags and special characters

2. From the FILE menu choose SAVE
    select the floppy disk A:
    name your file firstpage.htm and click SAVE

3. Start your browser
    from the FILE menu choose OPEN PAGE
    click on the CHOOSE FILE or BROWSE button
    go to the floppy drive A: and click on the name of your file.
   Click OPEN

Does your web page look the way it should?
You can switch back and forth between the browser and the Notepad using the taskbar at the bottom of the screen
Every time you make a change to your file you must save it in Notepad and reload it in the browser.
From Notepad, print your file (this will show the actual HMTL code) and hand it in.

Need extra help?  Look at the following examples to see if it makes sense.