Adding structure tags to a web page  (an exercise)

Notes: Structure tags are optional but HIGHLY recommended!
All META tags are optional. META tags include information about your page to direct search engines to find your page and provide a description, they can also keep search engines out of private information or specify the program used to create a web page or the author of a web page. ( here are some examples)


In Notepad open your firstpage.htm (start Notepad, and from the file menu choose OPEN, then don't forget to set filetype = all at the bottom of the open dialog box so you can see your web page)

Save the file with the name secondpage.htm (choose File-SAVE AS)

Add the following tags ABOVE the first line of you firstpage.htm code:

fill in these tags yourself:
You should put the following 3 things here in the head section: a title and 2 META tags.

  1. TITLE: give your web page a title that says "your name's web page"
  2. make a meta tag that gives a description of your page as a sample beginning web page
  3. make a meta tag that gives the keywords for you page as : HTML, simple, web design, beginner
... all of the original lines of HTML code from firstpage.htm that will be viewed on the web page go here...

Add these 2 lines BELOW the code you already entered for your firstpage.htm

Start the browser and open your secondpage.htm to be sure that it still works, what is different?

print out and hand in your HTML code from Notepad.