MYPAGE.HTM.... A short, original page using basic HTML tags.

Create the following web page using HTML: (or, feel free to find your own animated gif and write your own poem!)
Your page must have:

  1. a background color
  2. heading
  3. horizontal rule
  4. a short paragraph
  5. something centered (a horizontal rule, paragraph and/or heading)
  6. bold and italicized text
  7. text of at least 2 different sizes and 2 different colors
  8. an animated gif aligned left or right
  9. a list
  10. 2 links: one to another website and one to email.
    Barkley the dog
  1. The first line is a heading size 2 with the font color changed to brown for a few of the words.
  2. The horizontal rule is centered and takes up 50% of the screen.<hr align=center width=50%>
  3. The poem is a paragraph aligned to center, the text in it is italicized. Be careful to nest your tags completely so that the italics are turned on and off within the paragraph settings.
  4. The image is aligned to the right , it is 100 pixels tall and 100 pixels wide. Of course you will be sure to supply an ALT tag.
  5. The word Barkley is bold, a bigger size and brown
  6. The first link goes to and the second link is an email link to
  7. Don't forget the structure tags!
  8. To add a yellow background to the page change the body tag to say <body bgcolor=yellow> instead of just <body>
  9. Save it as mypageYourName.htm