FIRST: Find the pictures you want to use

Don't know where to get pictures?

When you find what you want, just right click and choose SAVE AS. Be SURE to save it in the same folder with your website.

SECOND: Put it on the page with image property settings

university of maryland university college
The picture above is NOT inserted correctly, it pulls the image from the Polaris website, not from local files

src=file.ext The image source should be within your own site, this is called a local source or inline image. The only exception is if you're using a server generated real-time image like weather or ads.

alt="alternate text that describes" You should include this for every image

  1. to hold the place while the page loads
  2. for accessibility with text readers
  3. for extra info on mouseover
  4. for search engines


align= top, align= middle, align= bottom, align= "absmiddle"

when you align to the left or right, the text wraps around the image on the page. adding space around the image with vspace and hspace adds an empty area around the image


sunshine<img src="sun.jpg" width="34" height="34" alt="sunshine">

Find more examples at the internet cafe: Putting images on your web page