Samples of different types of lists

Use <OL> and <LI> for ordered lists, <UL> and <LI> for unordered lists,
and <DL>, <DT>, and <DD> for definition lists.

Basic Etiquette for a Gentlemen Greeting a Lady Aquaintance Recourse for a Lady Toward Unpleasant Men Who Persist in Bowing
  1. A simple stare of iciness should suffice in most instances.
  2. A cold bow discourages familiarity without offering insult.
  3. As a last resort: "Sir, I have not the honour of your aquaintance."
Proper Address of Royalty
Your Majesty
To the king or queen.
Your Royal Highness
To the monarch's spouse, children, and siblings.
Your Highness
To nephews, nieces, and cousins of the sovereign.
Look at some examples from the Peachpit Press Visual Quickstart Guide (click on the examples link on the left) and Sam's internet cafe (that's where the examples above came from!)

You can change the type of list and the starting number

  1. apples
  2. pears
  3. bananas
<ol type="a" start="3">
<li>pears </li>

You can also change the shape of bullets

  • home
  • office
  • school
<li type="square">office</li>
<li type="circle">school</li>

Look at the source code of this page to see how it is done.

You can see further examples of nested lists on the next page.