Directions for creating nested table page 2: gardens

screen shot of table 2

the page uses the background image backgr.gif

The outer table is 2 rows 3 columns 600 pixels wide with cell padding of 10 pixels, centered on the page and background color of #009900.


the 3 cells in the top row are merged together with this picture (274 X 68)

The first cell of the second row is 150 pixels wide and contains the words below
Alpine Garden
Annual Garden
Bog Garden
Common Names
  • Arial font
  • bold
  • white
  • size = -1

The second cell of the second row is 300 pixels wide, aligned to the top, with a white background and contains 3 things:

  1. the picture below (150 X 173) right aligned with 10 pixels of space all around it
  2. the heading size 2 saying Articles in #CC3366 color.
  3. the words:

Planting Roses
Winter Protection
Pegging Down Roses
Pruning Climbing Roses
7 Steps Toward Success with Roses

The third cell in row 2 contains the following words in a white color and bold.


2003 Garden Seeds
Order Now 2300+ to choose from!

Plus the inner table (see below)