Answer these questions about what was on the midterm about Jeroo.

Assuming that a Jeroo is standing on a flower that is part of a group of flowers, 
What will this method do?

sub z(){
  while (isFlower(HERE)){
                if (! isFlower(AHEAD)) {

The pseudocode for this method says:

As long as the Jeroo is standing on a flower, do these 3 things:
{ 1-pick the flower.
    2-if there's not a flower ahead turn to the right.
    3-hop. }

This means that as long as there is a flower ahead the Jeroo will keep hopping and picking all flowers in a row.
At the end of a row, what will the jeroo do?

  1. turn right
  2. turn right and hop
  3. quit

Explain how the Jeroo would pick this group of flowers if it started at the red flower? Would it be in rows, or in a spiral pattern and why? garden