Robotics calendar as used in 2008-2009 cs1

Date Warmup Activities Objectives
About the robots: what we've already done. -->
  1. Learn about robots and sensors (1 day)
  2. Build robots = follow kit directions. (only the basic part is needed, you can go ahead and build the sensor attachments now or later ) (most of 2 days)
  3. Introduction to BlueJ: create a printing program together. Set robots to do Java. Create on each computer separately the first java program for robots. Modify your robot HelloWorld program so your name appears below the message hello world. Get it checked off individually for each person. (1 day)
  4. Programming in BlueJ, variables and loops. Learn how the buttons work. Each person separately Program robots to respond to button presses and loop. Create the ENTER button program. (1 day)
  5. Learn how your robots move. Fill in the table on making the robot move. Take a look at the API for leJos NXT (1 day)
  6. Solve the maze problem. (2+days)
  7. Video your robot doing one of your programs (square around the chair leg, letter W or maze), be sure to put a name card in sight of the camera. This will go on your website later.
  8. Do the sensor crossword , Review the handout on parts and sensors. Get a printout of the robot control study sheet for the test
9 Empty your warmup file to be ready for 3rd quarter. Answer these review questions from the midterm.
  • New robot partners, see the new seating chart. Discover your robot's "personality" (this is a review of how robots move since we've been away from the robots over midterms)
SWBAT: determine robot alignment, use calculations for correct settings
10 Read about flt() versus stop() and answer questions.
  • Review yesterday's warmup.
  • Continue to discover your robot's "personality"
  • Ultrasonic sensors with loops. Create the program and show me that you have it working afterContinuous vs. choppy motion. Where can you use flt() instead of stop() to make it smoother?
SWBAT: use ultrasonic sensor
11 What are the letters in the musical alphabet? (Click here if you need a hint) SWBAT: use sound sensor and generate musical tones.
12 Do a quick review of sound.
  • The touch sensor: do the example program. Show me the rising notes program. TOP GRADE (each person individually) create a recognizable tune of at least 12 notes to play on the robot after the touch sensor is pressed.
SWBAT: cause the robot to respond to touch.
13 in warmup: how would a robot control program need to be different if it was controlling a robot moving through snow? SWBAT: use the light sensor
14 design a decoration for your robot that can be held on with 2 rubber bands to make it unique and identifiable.
  • Finish light sensor
  • Consider how to design building extensions.
SWBAT: follow a line.
15 in warmup: list some methods your robot might use to shoot baskets.
  • Line up robots for a group robot picture.
  • Basketball challenge preparation: break the problem into methods. Everybody do code together.
  • Finish light following programs.
SWBAT: create a program with methods
16 in warmup: what is the statement that must go at the top of every robot program to connect your program to the robot methods?
  • PowerPoint: brainstorming
  • Basketball Hardware - sketch in your design portfolio and build
    • what kind of chassis?
    • what kind of arm?
    • what kind of ball holder?
    • Questions: if the robot is moving quickly and stops abruptly, will the ball fall off?
SWBAT: design a project using hardware and software
17 open your basketball program in BlueJ
  • Basketball Software
    • import library
    • fill in methods
  • Basketball challenge, continue work. DOCUMENT your plans, brainstorming, testing, changes, to hand in.
SWBAT: brainstorm to develop ideas, build and test.
18 Look online for at least one website with useful information about constructing a robot with an arm. put the URL in your warmup file.
  • Fill in steps 2-5 in your design portfolio
  • Work on Basketball challenge
SWBAT: list goals and constraints, research alternative ideas, fill in brainstorming, select best ideas.
19 which are goals for this project?
  • Start to fill in steps 6-8 in your design portfolio
  • Work on Basketball challenge
SWBAT: test/collect data/analyze, compare actual with desired results, make changes and adjustments
20 in warmup: engineers keep a change log to show what they changed. why could this be useful? Finish Basketball challenge. Focus on testing and document what you change and why: hardware and software. SWBAT: test and adjust
21 check the brackets list.
  • Brackets: determine the winner of the basketball contest. Get photos. When you are out of the running disassemble your robot back into the box.
  • Start write up for Basketball Challenge. Reflect on what went right/wrong.
SWBAT: demonstrate hardware/software skills for robots
22 find your project write up.
  • Finish basketball project write up
  • Review for robot quiz. Create one multiple choice question of your own for the quiz. If it's a good question and i use it you'll get a bonus point for the quiz.
SWBAT: draw conclusions from project results
23 review for the quiz, look at old warmups.
  • Robot quiz
  • Start web pages
  • Hand in project write up for basketball robots
SWBAT: demonstrate knowledge of robot design and behavior
24 start dreamweaver, do site>manage site>new site and choose your website folder on your Z drive. SWBAT: create web page documenting robotics skills.
25 no internet Work on web pages:
  • scan one of your designs from your portfolio.
  • copy paste and explain some of your robotics code, who needs to have copies of their partner's code?
SWBAT: create web page documenting robotics code.
26 show that you've done site>manage site> new site
  • ideas for photo editing and content. continue to scan sketches
SWBAT: create web page documenting robotics design.
27 do this old sensor crossword , look at the handout on parts and sensors if it is helpful.
  • video editing and page layout using tables.
SWBAT: creatively and attractive arrange web page content.
28 check that you have links between all the pages in your website SWBAT: present robotics learning on web pages.
29 Read about the nano-soccer robot and we'll look at the video. SWBAT: evaluate website designs and content & understand basic circuits
30 check your own robotics web site and tell me what you need to fix.  
    New exercise: cancer cell robot using light sensor