Cancer Cell Detection simulation

Imagine a nano-robot that could enter the bloodstream and detect and remove cancel cells from a human body. We will be creating a simulation of a search-and-destroy robot.

  1. A robot must fully search a bounded area (rectangular in shape) with solid walls
  2. The robot starts on a light green marker at a corner of the area
  3. There are red and white healthy blood cells in the area
  4. There are unhealthy black cancer cells in the area.
  5. The robot beeps when it has found a black cell until a person removes the cell, then it countinues searching.
  6. When all cancer cells have been removed the robot returns to the starting marker.

To simplify the problem:

  1. There will be exactly 6 cancer cells to detect
  2. Each cancer cell will be a minimum of 3 inches across on each side.