Create a website about robotics

The main page will contain links to the other pages

  1. Designing and building robots. Display a picture of a robot you helped build and design. Describe what it does and its features. Tell about something you learned about robot design and building. Describe some of the sensors you used in your designs and how they work. There are pictures of them here that you can use.
  2. Programming robots. Show a part of the code you used for your basketball program and one other program (if you need to have the code copied from a partner's folder, let me know). Include explanations of how the code works, how you developed and changed and tested it and what did or did not work well. Show the code for one other program that you created that is interesting and explain what it does and what is good about it. Be sure the code you display uses good style. To preserve the indentation of your code on a web page highlight it and from the Text menu choose > Paragraph Format > Preformatted Text.
  3. Dead Reckoning page. Link this main robot page to your dead reckoning page.
  4. Things learned. Summarize what you learned about project design, management, testing, improvements and what it takes to have a successful large-scale project. Reflect on what went well, what you could have done better, what you would do differently if you were to do the same project again.

Make each page interesting and attractive, use photos and small images to illustrate your points.