Robotics website rubric

  Requirements met Requirements exceeded Above and beyond
  • Basketball code
    • Include explanations of how the code works
    • how you developed and changed and tested it
    • what did or did not work well
    • code uses good style?
  • Robotics code for another program
    • explain what it does
    • what is good about it?
    • code uses good style?
  • Scan one of your designs from your portfolio.
  • Display pictures of at least 2 robots you helped build and design.
  • Describe what each one does and its features
  • Tell about something you learned about robot design and building.
  • Describe some of the sensors you used in your designs and how they work.
things learned
  • What did you learn about:
    • project design,
    • management,
    • testing, improvements
    • what it takes to have a successful large-scale project.
overall design
  • pictures
  • links
  • layout
  • interesting and attractive